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Remote Workday design - Design your perfect structure when working remotely

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A step-by-step plan to structure your remote life. Achieve your work/life balance, keep a vibrant social life and enjoy the flexibility of remote working.

“I always had an imposed structure by school/work. I find the lack of one disorienting”

You used to have a clear daily structure to follow, either in school or later when joining an office. It starts at 9, and ends at 5, with a break in between.

But with remote work and flexible schedules, this structure is gone! Leaving us disoriented and frustrated.

You know you need to get good at planning your days, you just don’t know where to start. You’ve tried to emulate other creatives, read multiple books, and watched countless YouTube videos. But every time you’ve tried something, it didn’t stick!

"But that plan works for so many people, why doesn't it work for me? Something must be wrong, right?"

Yes, there is something wrong. These plans were not built for you! They are built to suit the creator's life, not yours.

But having a personal plan would be amazing! A plan designed for YOU and YOUR life. But where to start? What needs to be planned in the first place? And in what order?

Aaaagh, it sounds like a big project!

What if you had a step-by-step process to find the best plan for you?

What if you knew exactly what you should do, and in which order?

What if you were certain you're building a personal plan that will stick?

What if you could enjoy your personal time without thinking about the pings and notifications?

What if you had a flourishing social life even without going to an office?

Better, a process you can apply and start your new life tomorrow?

Yes, please!

It’s true that lacking a personal plan is disorienting and chaotic but it doesn’t have to be like that. Learn how to plan your days, find what works for you, and enjoy a structure that sticks.

“I have a tendency to work longer hours because I’m always connected”

Suffering a work/life balance disorder is the first symptom of lacking a personal plan!

That lacking is a direct ticket to burnout!

But you are already aware of all this, you maybe even experienced it before. But you still don’t know how to design a fix.

Learn how to plan your days & weeks and avoid burnout with my ebook. Start by understanding why we have a work/life balance problem, discover ways to achieve balance, and finally pick your own.

Save time with our color-based planning method

Build a color-based plan using your calendar or our Notion & PDF templates. There is no need to ditch your tools if you're happy with them.

Save time by getting a bird's eye view of your work/life balance for the day & week. No need to zoom in and read the details!

Take your social life into account, too

"I found working remotely was somehow… isolating"

This is a real quote from a reader, and it's true. Remote working can feel isolating and lonely. And this is coming from the fact that we all schedule time for work but forget to schedule time for social activities.

Rest assured, this ebook takes your social life into account and encourages you to plan it. Keep a vibrant social life while working remotely starting tomorrow!

Get your copy today!

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Remote Workday design - Design your perfect structure when working remotely

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