Get That Remote Job - An ebook on how to land a remote job

9 ratings
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Get That Remote Job - An ebook on how to land a remote job

9 ratings

Do you want to get a remote job? One that will give you the possibility to work from home or from anywhere you want? Let me help you!

This is an ebook about my story of getting a remote job. I share tips about preparing yourself, marketing yourself, and getting ready for the remote world. My name is Ahmed, and I'm a Software Engineer at Automattic, one of the biggest remote companies.

What will you learn?

Here are a few things you'll learn using this ebook:

- How to analyze job postings to get useful data

- How to develop the required skills for a remote position

- How to market yourself online prior to applying

- How to apply for remote jobs and show you can work remotely

- A cheat sheet of the process you can keep at reach :)

- A list of useful apps and resources you can use in your journey

Keep in mind this is an e-book for all disciplines: Marketing, sales, customer support... Anything you can do remotely.

What do others say about this ebook?

"Ahmed has put together a very thoughtful and helpful guide for anybody who wants to transition to a remote job. I can highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in what I believe is the future of work."

- Alex Münch, Product Designer at Doist.

Looking for personalized feedback?

When you are ready to apply for remote jobs, I'll personally review your resume and let you know how you can improve it.

Please note this service is valid for one round of reviews, if you want more rounds, please select a quantity in checkout.

More about the author

You can learn more about me at elazzabi.com.

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