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Self-publishing an ebook roadmap

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Self-publishing an e-book roadmap

A roadmap to self-publishing your next e-book from someone who’s done it 4 times before.

If you’ve tried to self-publish an e-book before, you already know it’s not an easy job. For those who haven’t tried before, it’s like driving a car while the GPS is changing your directions every minute.

Imagine your brain shouting at you every minute:

  • You still need to write that introduction chapter!
  • Have you thought about processing refunds?
  • How can you announce this to your followers?
  • I believe your current launch plan sucks!
  • Emmm, you forgot about social media assets design. You fool!

But that’s normal! Just like any creative process, there is no clearly defined road to do something. You can start your e-book by writing content, working on the landing page, designing the cover, or even pre-selling it. There is no wrong or right answer here! But there are things you need to cover before self-publishing your e-book, regardless of your starting point.

This roadmap is here to give you guidance and remind you about the bigger picture. I’ve used this roadmap to launch my latest e-book Remote Workday Design, adding it to my other 3 self-published e-books. In fact, I’m also giving you a real case study with the real to-do list I used to launch Remote Workday Design.

The roadmap is divided into 3 different themes/categories:

  • Technical: All the necessary technical details to master: Accepting payments, processing refunds, customer support, etc.
  • Content: Make sure you have your actual ebook content and marketing content at the perfect time.
  • Marketing: Everything you need to build anticipation and prepare for a good launch.

However, this roadmap doesn’t get into details on how to pick your audience or the topic to write about. It assumes you already have a topic or idea.

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Self-publishing an ebook roadmap

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